Welcome to Year 1 

Hello! Welcome to Neptune and Jupiter's learning page. 

We have made a great start to the new school year.  Here are some links to support your learning in class:

P.E. - P.E. will be on a Wednesdays and Thursdays for both classes. 

Swimming - Spring 1 and Summer 1

Homework - Homework will be sent home every Thursday and will need to be returned the following Tuesday.

Maths - Use these to help you practice your math skills

Number bonds to 10


2 times table - BBC bitesize

5 times table - BBC bitesize

10 times table - BBC bitesize

ICT games

Counting in 2s

Counting in 5s 

Counting in 10s

Numbers to 100 

What's the time?

Days of the week

Months of the year

2 Times table Numberjacks

5 Times table Numberjacks

English - Use these games and songs to help you learn your sounds.

Oxford Reading Buddy

BBC bitesize phonics

Topmarks - letters and sounds

Phonics Play

ICT Games


Worries or Concerns
A worry or concern is best addressed as soon as it occurs, so please let us know so we can try to sort it before it becomes enormous! If you have any queries, please send an email to the year group email or if it is urgent please call the office and we will get back to you.  Thank you.