Pupil Premium

In Barncroft Primary School, it is recognised that securing high levels of attainment and good rates of progress is the best way of steering our pupils towards a future free of deprivation. As a school, we dedicate a significant proportion of our pupil premium allocation directly into ensuring all pupils receive high quality teaching and learning. However, we also recognise that some children have significant barriers to learning and that those children and their families may require additional support to overcome those barriers. Therefore some of our Pupil Premium resource is spent on providing support in those areas.  Our overall goal is to give all our pupils equal opportunities to achieve their full potential, academically and socially, through access to high quality academic, cultural, sporting and nurturing opportunities and support. In this way, the Pupil Premium funding will help us to close the learning and/or life experience gaps which may exist between different groups of pupils.   

The school carefully tracks impact on attendance, behaviour, emotional well-being, but ultimately it is anticipated that the impact on pupils will be shown in academic achievement. 

The school will review and discuss the impact of the Pupil premium spend 3 times across the year – September, March  and July – in conjunction with the Pupil Premium Strategic group (made up of Governors and Staff).  This will be fed back to all governors.

Please click on the links below to view our impact Report and our current expenditure plan.