Cold Weather and Emergency School Closures

During the winter months there is a risk that the school may be closed due to snow or extreme weather.

We will try to keep the school open at all times however there may be times when we need to close.

The Site

The Site Manager will inspect the site each morning. If snowfall is present the paths to the front door and the Pre-School from Park Lane will be cleared and gritted.

It will not be possible to clear the footpath between Barncroft Way and the school so parents are asked to walk round to the front entrance of the school. Children will enter the building through the main entrance or the entrance by the Pre-School.

Emergency Closure

If the weather is exceptionally severe the school will be closed. We will inform you of this through our texting service.

Further information on school closures can be obtained by listening to the following Radio Stations:

  • Heart, South Coast
  • BBC Radio Solent,
  • The Breeze
  • Jack FM
  • Wave 105

Or by accessing Hampshire’s Emergency School Closure Site on the Internet

If the closure is prolonged we will provide information on supporting your child’s learning at home via this website.